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The Benefits of Going Solar in Bellevue

Solar power used to run a home once existed only in science fiction. But the technology is here, today, and more accessible than you may believe. More homes have joined in the solar energy revolution and reaped the enormous benefits this power source provides.

To schedule solar installation in Bellevue, WA you only have to reach as far as the phone: call Sound Heating, where we take pride in the variety of solar power services we provide—from installation to maintenance to repair. We are committed to helping the environment and helping you reduce the amount you pay to power your home.

The Advantages of Using Solar Power In Your Home

  • Rock-bottom energy bills: Solar power systems change the radiant energy of the sun into electricity to power a home; the systems themselves use only a small amount of external electricity from the power company (and some use none at all). The energy of the sun itself is free, so aside from the minimal amount of electricity from the power grid, you won’t pay anything to run your home. Even though a solar energy set-up costs more to install for a home than standard electrical one, it soon pays for itself. Nothing beats free when it comes to energy.
  • Increase your home’s value: The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a study of homes using solar power and found that when a home adds a solar power system, it increases the home’s resale value by $5.50 per watt on average, and sometimes going as high as $6.40 per watt. This means that a home’s solar power system of 3.1kW can add $17,000 to the value of the house. Other studies have found that homes with solar energy induce buyers: homes sell 15% faster on average than homes with standard power systems.
  • Clean, renewable energy: Not only is the power from the sun free, you can never use it up. As long as the sun burns at the center of our solar system, we will have its power available to us. Solar power reduces our dependency on limited energy resources like fossil fuels. Solar power also reduces greenhouse gases. The average U.S. home generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide each year; solar power generates almost none.

If you don’t think you are ready for a major solar installation, you can start small with a less expensive and space-consuming appliance like a solar water heater. But we think that once you discover the benefits of a single solar power system, you will want to expand your use of the sun’s free energy.

Talk to our Bellevue, WA solar installation professionals at Sound Heating today. They will find the best way to hook up your home to harness the clean and efficient energy of the sun.

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