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What Are My Home’s Requirements for Installing a Solar System?

Solar systems have come a long way in a very short time, and here in Olympia, solar installation services no longer need to worry about the excessive cloud cover of the Pacific Northwest. When properly installed, such a system can save you a great deal of money over the years, as well as increasing your home’s self-sufficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. But before you sign up for an installation session, you need to make sure your home is right for solar installation. “What are my home’s requirements for installing a solar system?” you ask. Read on for the answers.

  • Square footage. Most solar panels are installed on rooftops, though they can also be installed on the ground if you have the space. Regardless, you need a certain amount of square footage so that solar panels will produce enough power. Your installer can perform the calculations, which involve the amount of energy you use at peak periods throughout the year and the amount of power a given solar panel collects. With the square footage in mind, you can then plan for the ideal area, taking into account such aspects as rooftop tiles and chimney position.
  • Shading. Solar panels these days can overcome cloud cover, but they still need an unobstructed view of the sky in order to function as they should. You need to keep the amount of trees and similar types of shading in mind, and then determine how many hours of unobstructed sunlight your panels will receive.
  • Tilting. Here in Washington, solar panels should ideally face due south (receiving the most amount of sunlight) and have a tilt of about 30 degrees. If your roof can’t provide this, your installation technician can discuss other options and ensure that the tilt of the panels remains the best it can be for the circumstances.

For more on your home’s requirements for installing a solar system, or to plan for an Olympia solar installation, the experts at Sound Heating are standing by. We’ll answer all your questions before performing an installation with courtesy and care, so give us a call today!


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