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Solar FAQs

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Is Solar Power Right for Me?

It may very well be. While the truth is that solar power is not an option for everyone, it is quite viable in more areas than you may think. In order to take full advantage of solar power to heat your home or provide you with electricity, you need to have adequate sun exposure on a regular basis and enough space to put up the appropriate number of solar panels on your property.

In general, solar panels are installed on the roof, but they can also be placed at other points on your property if those get the right amount of sun. You should also keep in mind that you do not have to go all solar right away – or ever. Solar hot water heaters are a great addition to any home and are relatively inexpensive to install. However, they will save you quite a bit in the long run and you can always build on that installation to make use of solar power to satisfy more and more of your home energy needs.

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Can I Really Save Money with Solar Power?

Yes, you can. Once you have a solar power system installed for your home, you will pay virtually nothing in terms of energy cost for the systems you are running off of the solar cells. This may consist of only your hot water or it may include all of your electricity needs. Regardless, though, the solar power you can run these systems off of is free and will mean that you simply do not have to pay the power company for the energy you use.

Of course, it is true that having a solar power system installed can cost you quite a bit up front, but you will quickly recoup that cost with the monthly savings you will receive. In terms of the total amount that you will save, that will vary depending on a variety of factors related to your individual situation. To calculate that kind of savings, you will need to sit down and figure out how much you currently spend and what your total energy usage is now and in the future. Each person’s total savings will vary depending on their particular situation, but the savings will always be there in some form or another.

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How Much Maintenance Does a Solar Power System Require?

Solar power systems require very little maintenance, mostly because they do not have many moving parts. There is little opportunity for anything to go wrong with your solar power system simply because it is not particularly complicated to begin with.

However, that does not mean that you can completely disregard maintenance on this system altogether. A solar power system still needs to get some professional attention now and then, and it is also helpful if you can learn to do a few minor things that will help to keep your system in good working order for many years to come.

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How Long Will it Take to Install a Solar Power System for My Home?

Solar power systems are actually quite simple and relatively quick to install. Compared to other types of home energy systems, they have very few parts and require little intrusive work to put in place. Of course, the larger your system is, the longer installation will take. But it will generally never take longer to install a solar power system than it would to install any other type of home heating or power system. And solar power is definitely quicker and easier to install than geothermal, which requires substantial excavation on your property.

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