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Filter Delivery

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Automatic Filter Replacement

Filters are very importmant components to your indoor quality system.  They require frequent check-ups and replacements on the part of the owner.  Let Sound Heating make it easier on you so you don't have to remember exactly when your filter needs to be replace, we'll do it for you! With our Automatic Filter Replacement Program we will send you your necessary replacement filter to your door step to remind you its time to change out your old one.   

There are many advantages to keep your filter new and fresh:

  • Keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency.
  • Save money on your utility bill.
  • Better air quality.

How often should I check my furnace filter?

You should check you filter atleast once a month to make sure there isn't a tremendous amount of dust and dirt build up.  Depending on your type of filter you may need to replace it once every 3 months at the mimimum.  We will take responsibility to send the required filter at the required intervals to your destination.   

Call us today to sign up for your automatic filter delivery program!

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Our friend said they were friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. We found all those to be true.

- Vanessa P. in Graham, WA

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