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Hydronic Tips for Puyallup, WA

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If you are getting a hydronic system installed or are simply looking for more information on yours then it is a good idea to talk to our team. Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is here to help with your services but also to give you helpful information.

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Cutting Down on Winter Heating Costs

The cost of heating in the midst of a particularly cold winter can be incredibly high if you’re not careful. Even with a high efficiency boiler from modern collections, it’s no secret that many people are interested in getting the best out of their heating at a low cost.

The first step is to know where to heat and when. Getting zoned temperature control can help immensely by cutting down how much heat gets piped into parts of your home that don’t need it. Heating in the attic or the basement when unoccupied is unnecessary. Nor do you need as much heat in the second floor rooms when it will rise from the first floor.

Additionally, you should make sure your thermostats are properly calibrated throughout the year. Our trained technicians can make sure each of your thermostats is calibrated and help you to check the current output in all the rooms of your house.

Insulation has a major impact on the heating quality in your house too. With sealed windows, properly insulated floors and ceilings and weather stripping to block any cracks or gaps in your doors, you will reduce heat loss significantly and cut down on energy use. If you have hydronics installed in your driveway or sidewalks, make sure it is turned off when above freezing outside to avoid wasting energy when there is no ice.

Regular Maintenance

Hydronic heating cuts back on the large quantity of unwanted debris, odors, and noises that often come from air-based heating methods like furnaces. However, that lack of noise or odor often makes it easy to forget that a hydronic system needs maintenance like any other system. In fact, due to the complicated assortment of pumps and pipes, your boiler needs to be serviced regularly. The good news, however, is that a boiler with regular maintenance will last longer and remain more efficient than most other types of heating systems.

You can help with your own regular maintenance at home. Not only should you clean the area around the boiler on a weekly basis, you also should check things like pressure and the distribution of heat throughout your home.

Work With What You Have

If you plan on installing a hydronic heating system, don’t feel like you need to change your energy source or haul up the floorboards in your house. In fact, boilers can work with any energy source, and a boiler’s efficiency has much less to do with how it is installed than it does with the way it is maintained and the quality of the initial parts.

The best option for anyone considering a new hydronic heating system is to contact a trained expert about what is required for the installation of a new system. They can help you determine what added bonuses and benefits will best fit your lifestyle, including heated sidewalks and driveway, backyard pools, or floorboard heating for more even heat throughout your home.

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