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Solar Energy in Tacoma, WA

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Some people always ask why they should use solar power? One of the most powerful and under–utilized resources we have access to today is solar power. The sun puts out an enormous amount of energy every day and if we can make use of it, we can enjoy an unending supply of cheap and efficient power. Of course, in order to utilize that power you need to have the proper equipment and that can cost money. But the amount that you can save will far outweigh the initial installation costs over the long term.

If you are looking for an alternative source of energy for your home, whether it is for heating, cooling or hot water, solar power may very well be the right choice for you. There are certainly many variables to take into account and you will need to have the space and resources to take advantage of the awesome power of the sun. But if you are able to make the transition to solar power, you will benefit greatly in the long run and you will be doing your part to help preserve the environment.

Sound Heating serves customers all over the Tacoma, WA area and we have been able to help many of them make the transition to home solar energy. We use only the highest quality products in our solar installations and we will do everything to ensure that your solar power system is able to give you all that you need.

Passive Solar Heating

One great way to take advantage of the power of the sun is through passive solar heating and home design. Of course, your home may not lend itself well to this type of technology, but there are almost always things you can do to help make it easier for the sun’s energy to heat your home. Even the types of windows you put in can have a dramatic effect on how well the sun is able to heat your home.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Another great way to incorporate solar power into your home is to use it to heat your hot water. There are both active and passive solar hot water heaters and both can be very effective at providing you with a regular supply of hot water for all of your household needs. These systems are typically not too costly to install and they can wind up saving you a considerable amount when it comes to your water heating costs.

Active Solar Heating and Cooling

Many active solar heating systems operate much the same way that older boiler–based home heating systems work. They use the sun to heat liquid and then circulate that liquid through a closed system throughout your house. The heat from the liquid radiates out into the space, keeping the indoor temperature comfortable even when it is cold outside.

While active solar powered cooling is also an option, these systems are quite complicated and expensive to install. However, if you are thinking of putting an extensive solar power system in place anyway, you may be able to incorporate a cooling system as well, and make it worth the investment.

Solar Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Whether you are just thinking of adding a small solar hot water heater to supplement your existing system or you want to completely convert your house to solar power, Sound Heating is the place to come. We offer only what we feel are the highest quality products to our King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area customers and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about what it will take to make solar power a reality for your home.

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