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3 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Your AC Installation

top-view-of-outdoor-ac-unitWhat you’re about to read below are the 3 steps it takes to complete a successful air conditioner installation. Now, we aren’t sharing these steps to encourage you to install your own air conditioner. In fact, we’d specifically advise against that. After all, residential cooling systems are complex pieces of machinery that require a trained and experienced technician to manage.

The reason we share these steps, is because we know how urgent an air conditioner purchase can be this time of year, and we want you to see why it’s so important to hire a professional for the job rather than trying to manage it on your own. Rushing into a purchase like this leaves homeowners with an uncomfortable home and high energy bills. Read on as we uncover the top 3 reasons (a.k.a the steps we go through) to hire a professional for your AC installation.

1. We Remove the Old System

“Wait,” you might be thinking, “how hard can that be?”

In essence, it’s not hard at all. But we aren’t just removing the old system. We are properly disposing of it to limit the risk of exposure to potentially harmful components (like refrigerant). We’re also being careful to not knock anything out of place that may hurt the efficacy and performance of your new air conditioner.

In actuality, removing your old system is actually the most laborious part of an air conditioner installation! We need to take special care and ensure that the space is ready for a new system to be installed.

2. We Make the Proper Connections

Once your new air conditioner is in its home, our professionals connect to the important components of your home in order for it to operate. The main component we’re alluding to here is your ductwork, or the “V” part of “HVAC”–your ventilation system.

Your ductwork might need to be shifted to make these connections, and our technicians will understand how to do this without damaging anything else in the process. The same goes for the electrical connections needed for your air conditioner to operate!

3. We Test the Air Conditioner

Wouldn’t it be sort of pointless if we put in your new air conditioner and then just… left your home? Meaning, we didn’t check to see if the air conditioner actually worked? Yeah, we agree, that’d be a little strange. Still though, there are unscrupulous HVAC “professionals” out there who will do just this. They focus on selling the product, not necessarily making sure it’s going to work for the years to come.

In other words, this final step of professional AC installation is the most important, and the most important reason you need a reputable and reliable professional on your side.

We’ll test your system by turning it on, and measuring the intake and the airflow to see if the operation is sufficient. We’ll also ensure there are no safety hazards, and that the cooling system is doing everything it should!

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for your Tacoma, WA air conditioning installation today! We take your comfort as serious as you do.

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