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Why You Should Invest in UV Germicidal Lights

uv-lightbulb“Will it help my Tacoma, WA air conditioning work better?”

Well, not necessarily… but investing in UV germicidal lights will certainly help your air conditioner work more healthfully. This is because UV lights—also called a UV air purifier—attack a particular type of contaminant right at the source (your ductwork) before it even enters your indoor air.

We’ll dive into the details more below, but what you should know off the bat is that it is absolutely worth investing in UV germicidal lights, in addition to other indoor air quality products and services. Read on to learn more!

Would Any Type of Air Purifier Do?

There are several different types of air purifiers. Generally speaking, an air purifier is a system designed to clean the air that’s circulating through your HVAC system and into your home. Instead of using a fiber mesh to trap pollutants like your air filter does, and air purifier draws particles from the air.

The most popular types are electronic and ionization air purification systems, which “charge” unwanted contaminants like dust and other debris, drawing them down into the system where you can clean them off. However, this isn’t the right solution for all the contaminants that enter your airstream—like mold or mildew. For this, you need a UV air purifier. 

UV air purifiers, or UV lights as they’re commonly called, are comprised of a set of lamps that send out low-frequency ultraviolet radiation, hence the name. This is the same type of radiation that comes from the sun. UV radiation is harmful to the cells of organic tissue, because it disrupts cellular functions, killing these cells and making them incapable of reproducing.

“Is This Dangerous?”

We totally understand why you’d ask this—after all, UV radiation can indeed be harmful–this is why we wear sunscreen and protective clothing outdoors. But the level of UV radiation present in this indoor air quality product won’t create health concerns for your household. In fact, you won’t even see the lights, as they’ll be installed and integrated directly into your ductwork.

UV lights are powerful enough, however, to kill microbes and other small organic pollutants moving through the air ducts. This means that any microorganisms that are within your ducts and could potentially enter your airflow will be effectively eliminated.

Remember, however, just like any other indoor air quality product, to work as it should you have to have yours installed by a trained and experienced professional. We’ll be able to make recommendations based on your home’s individual needs. YOu may find that you’ll benefit from a combination of indoor air quality products, like we mentioned above.  For instance, if you’re equipped with a UV air purifier, you might also find that a whole-house air filtration system would do some good for your home! But one thing is for sure—UV germicidal lights are almost always worth the investment.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today! We take your comfort as serious as you do.

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