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How to Tell If Your AC Is about to Call It Quits

very-old-air-conditioning-unitWouldn’t it be great if our appliances and home comfort systems lasted forever? Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, no matter how well it is built or cared for. Your household air conditioner is no exception—it has a limited lifespan, and when it nears the end of that lifespan, it’s a good idea to have the system replaced before it suffers from an absolutely breakdown.

Given the time of year it is, you don’t want to wait until it actually breaks down to look into replacement options or consider if your system is about to call it quits. We want to help you determine when your air conditioner is on its final leg!

This way, you can arrange for replacement at a time that is convenient for you, rather than experiencing an emergency situation and needing to rush into your AC installation decision. So, how exactly can you tell if your air conditioner is about to call it quits?

It’s OLD

The manufacturer of your air conditioner sets an expected service life for the system. This is usually the period the warranty covers. Generally speaking, a central air conditioner that undergoes moderate use and is well maintained can last from about 10-15 years. Anything over 15 years means your system is a good candidate for replacement.

It’s Noisy!

There’s no such thing as a completely silent air conditioner. When your AC is running, you’ll hear the hopefully gentle hum of the fan, and perhaps even a faint clicking noise as your system cycles on and off. But, one of the goals of AC manufacturing is to design AC systems that operate as quietly as possible.

So if you start noticing really loud or unfamiliar noises coming from your air conditioner, it’s likely a sign that something is wrong. One strange noise here or there typically indicates you need a repair or two. But if you’re constantly having repairs done and/or constantly hearing grinding and clanging noises coming from the system it’s time to give our pros a call.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

An air conditioning system that receives its routine annual maintenance should feasibly retain 95% of its energy efficiency rating throughout its entire lifespan. If the efficiency level of your air conditioner drops too much, your energy bills could suffer for it.

Repairs and Maintenance are Too Costly or Frequent

It’s rare, if not even impossible, that an air conditioner will go its entire lifespan without needing repair. But when are repair needs excessive? Generally speaking, if you’re calling for repairs or service for your air conditioner 2-3 times a year or more, you’re probably looking at a good candidate for replacement.

Another good rule of thumb to follow is this—if your next repair or set of AC repairs is going to cost you half of what the system is worth, then it may make more economical sense to replace it.

When you need quality service on your air conditioning in Puyallup, WA, contact Sound Heating. We take your comfort as serious as you do!

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