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Is Your Air Conditioner Hurting the Health of Your Air?

child-pinching-their-noseLet’s start by saying, it’s not necessarily that your air conditioner itself is hurting the health of your air, but by its nature, it doesn’t help.

The thing is, today’s homes are built with very tight construction. The reason for this is for energy efficiency—when there are no drafty areas or spots for air to escape your home, it means all the cooling you’re paying for stays indoors. You’re not simply paying for air conditioning that doesn’t actually keep you comfortable.

Where this becomes a problem, is that it can cause the air in your home to become stale and dry. True, dry air isn’t something we deal with a whole lot in our area, but trust us when we say it can become uncomfortable real fast. So, what’s the solution? Well, we encourage you to look into the installation of a whole-home energy recovery ventilator (ERV)—read on to learn more!

What Is an ERV, and How Does It Work?

ERVs essentially use the air that your HVAC systems send out through the exhaust. They utilize the energy of that air to precondition the new air that’s coming in from outdoors. This process “recovers” energy that would be loss. What does this mean? In the summertime, an ERV system pre-cools and dehumidifies the air that’s coming into your home, and in the wintertime, it pre-heats the air.

As a result, it can work together with your HVAC system to make sure that not only are you receiving the temperature you desire in your home, but that the air is fresh and offers the most comfort possible. This is far superior to opening a window to let fresh air in—since, after all, that will let your conditioned air out and defeat the purpose of even using an HVAC system!

Overall, an ERV system improves the ventilation of your household. The pre-treatment process improves indoor air quality by making it easier and more comfortable to breathe. ERV systems are capable of maintaining a relative humidity level of between 40-50%, which is considered most ideal for indoor air.

Other Indoor Air Quality Products That Can Help

An ERV system is not meant to replace a humidifier or dehumidifier if needed, however, it can supplement this type of system, reducing the likelihood for mold and mildew development. Mold and mildew are major concerns in larger homes and buildings, as well as any property that accumulates a lot of moisture—something that is fairly common here in the Tacoma area.

An ERV can help you breathe easier, and it’s not the only indoor air quality system that can help you do so. Ask us too about our air filtration systems, air cleaners, and air purifiers. Each of these systems have their own unique purposes and benefits. You may find that one or some combination of products is all you need to start breathing easier and feeling more comfortable in your home.

At Sound Heating, we offer more than just your basic Tacoma, WA air conditioning services. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive indoor air quality solutions, as well. We take your comfort as serious as you do!

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