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Is AC Maintenance Really Necessary?

outdoor-ac-unitWe understand—when it gets as cold as it does here, and never really warms up to the point we need our air conditioners to run for weeks on end, it’s easy to forget about these cooling systems and the service they need. Still though, however briefly you’ll need your air conditioner for, it’s wise to keep up on your annual maintenance appointments, so when you do need it, you can ensure it works as efficiently as possible.

Just like a tune-up for your care, an AC maintenance tune-up is vital to the overall performance of your air conditioner in addition to repair prevention.

“Okay Fine, but What Does Maintenance Actually Do?”

If you’ve never scheduled maintenance before, it’s not likely you know much about it, and you’ll have questions. We’re here to answer them! Maintenance is when our professionals come in and thoroughly clean the interior component of your cooling system (or heating system, in the fall) to ensure that it is able to function as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Additionally, we inspect the entire system and check for any components that need adjustment, repair, or even replacement. All of this helps to improve the longevity and performance of your air conditioner, and we really can’t understate the importance of this.

“Great! When Should I Schedule Maintenance?”

Generally speaking, we recommend that you get AC maintenance on your calendar before you need it the most. Our weather doesn’t call for these services to be too urgent, but it’s typically a good idea to schedule maintenance in the spring—so right now is as good a time as any!

But less important than the time of year is how frequently you have maintenance done. For the standard air conditioner, we recommend yearly maintenance. For a heat pump, however, which is a year-round home comfort unit, we recommend maintenance sessions every 6 months.

Improve Your Comfort and Safety!

One of the main reasons you should keep up on your annual air conditioning maintenance is for your comfort and the comfort of your family. Over the years, no matter the climate, air conditioners begin performing less and less efficiently. The components start wearing down due to natural wear and tear, just like they would in a vehicle if you skipped care maintenance.

Maintenance keeps you safe, too! AC systems are of course not inherently dangerous, but they do have components that can be harmful, particularly if you try doing AC repairs or maintenance on your own. For example, refrigerant is a chemical-based substance that makes the cooling process possible, but a professional must have proper licensing to deal with it.

If you have a refrigerant leak, it’s harmful to your air conditioner, first of all. But it’s also harmful to anyone who comes in direct contact with it. But by keeping up with maintenance, you’re a lot less likely to ever have a problem of this caliber, and you can avoid other emergency services as well. In fact, maintenance can help prevent up to 85% of the repair needs an air conditioner might ever have in its lifespan.

For quality service on your HVAC in Puyallup, WA, contact Sound Heating today!

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