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Is Your Furnace about to Call it Quits?

couple-sitting-on-couch-in-parkas-looking-coldIn our last blog post, we talked about how vital air conditioner maintenance is. Now is the best time to get this service done, since you don’t actually need your air conditioner yet—meaning there will be no interruption in service!

Of course, temperatures are still quite chilly for now, and may still be for several more weeks to come. Which means… you’ll be using your furnace for several more weeks to come.

Is your heater up to the task? Just like AC maintenance is vital for summer, furnace maintenance is essential for winter and early spring. If you skipped maintenance this last fall, then this blog post is for you.

Signs of Impending Furnace Failure

We don’t mean to say that your furnace is going to fail no matter what if you notice these signs, but rather that if you don’t take care of your furnace despite these signs, you’ll likely be without a heating system a lot sooner than you would like! Here are some of those signs to watch out for:

The furnace isn’t turning on when you think it should. This might seem pretty apparent, but if your furnace isn’t turning on when your thermostat should be signaling it to do so, you have a problem. True, this might be a thermostat problem, but it’s better to call in a pro to make sure instead of just assuming.

The thing is, if this isn’t a thermostat problem, then it’s an emergency repair need. It’s best to call in a professional right away so you can rule out small problems, and have big problems addressed.

You hear alarming noises coming from your furnace. Any odd sounds coming from your heating system is a problem that signals a need for repair services. But there are some sounds in particular that signals a need to call us for those repairs right away. This includes tapping, banging, and clicking.

These sounds might indicate loose air ducts or a damaged fan belt. In the grand scheme of things, these aren’t major issues and can be easily repaired by our team. But they could also mean your furnace isn’t combusting properly and/or has a cracked heat exchanger, which is absolutely dangerous and needs to be addressed right away.

The furnace’s pilot light isn’t blue. Perhaps the best way to know if your furnace really has something wrong with it is to check the color of the pilot light flame. If the flam is yellow, it’s a telltale sign that some part of your system is malfunctioning.

This is usually caused by a combustion issue, which means you should be calling for furnace repair services as soon as possible. Combustion problems lead to excess carbon monoxide production, which can be extremely unsafe for your household.

You smell gas. If you smell gas in your home, you need to shut off the gas line (without shutting off individual gas-powered appliances first as this risks setting off a spark and impending fire), and call for emergency services. This could very well be a problem with your furnace, and not addressing it can lead to much more serious problems than furnace failure!

Do you need expert heating repair in Tacoma, WA? Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today! We take your comfort and safety as serious as you do.

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