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When Is an AC Problem an Emergency?

woman-looking-surprisedWe may not have the boiling heat that other parts of the country have, but summers in Washington certainly aren’t anything to scoff at. When the temperature beings to spike, you need to know that your air conditioning system will function as it is designed to. The best way to ensure this is the case is by keeping up on your annual maintenance appointments! This allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, adjust, and clean your air conditioner as needed so it will perform at its best. But even with these tune-ups, an AC system can experience a problem.

Of course, when problems occur they don’t always to do on a “9-5” schedule, and sometimes your AC system runs into trouble much later than most HVAC companies stay open. Fortunately for you, our team is here if you do have an emergency with your HVAC in Kent, WA. But, when is an AC problem an emergency?

At what point, exactly, do you summon aid in the middle of a Saturday and when do you hold on for normal business hours on Monday? It’s typically a matter of individual judgment, but we do have a few guidelines to help you make an informed decision.

How Is It Impacting Your Comfort?

The big question around an after-hours AC repair call is, how much time are you going to have to wait, and what does that mean?

If you do have a big problem with your air conditioner, we recommend shutting it off immediately so it can be inspected by a pro, for your safety (which we’ll get to in a moment) as well the health of the air conditioner itself. If you’re relatively comfortable or at least can stay somewhat “okay” by using other methods of cooling, such as using fans and taking cool showers, then you can probably wait.

But, what if we’re in the middle of a heat wave? What if it’s preventing you from doing certain things like cooking, or hosting a summer party? Your comfort is absolutely worth a service call! You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home, after all.

How Is It Impacting Your Safety?

In rare cases (but it does happen), the issue with a broken down air conditioner might be one of safety. A refrigerant leak, for example, has the opportunity to harm family members and even pets.

There’s also the problem of low indoor air quality. If you’re your air conditioner problem is the result of breached ductwork, then you could be unintentionally letting allergens and harmful contaminants into your home and the air you breathe.

Of course, temperatures don’t always allow you to keep your air conditioner off for an entire weekend while you wait to get it fixed, so calling for an emergency AC repair when it impacts your safety like this is completely reasonable. This is even more pertinent if you have sensitive individuals in your home, like babies, very young children, or elderly.

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