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Is a Zone Control System Right for You?

We may not live in too hot of a climate compared to some of our east coast neighbors; however summer can still pack quite the punch. Without the right kind of air conditioning system, you can definitely suffer. But when you do utilize an air conditioning system, you want to make sure you are making the most of your cooling experience and utilizing your system as efficiently as possible.

If you have a traditional central air conditioning unit, at one time or another you may have been frustrated by the fact that you need set just one temperature to condition air throughout your entire home. The good news is, you don’t actually have to do this. You just need to invest in a zone control system!

What Is a Zone Control System?

This type of HVAC system component is actually pretty simple in theory. It uses electronic dampers, which are installed directly into the ductwork, and uses multiple thermostats in order to maintain different temperatures in different locations of the home in which it is installed.

The thermostats and dampers are synced via a central control panel, so that if you adjust the temperature in any given zone, the corresponding damper will either open or close, which allows more or less conditioned air into those areas.

What Are the Benefits?

Zone control cooling provides a great way to reduce your cooling costs. This is particularly true if you are regularly cooling rooms in your home that are typically unoccupied, such as your kitchen or a guest room. Zone control cooling enables you to set more moderate temperatures in areas such as these while cooling other rooms that need it. Additionally, different people are comfortable at different temperatures.

To learn more about zone control systems in Seattle, WA, contact Sound Heating today. 

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