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Should You Have A Zone Control System Installed?

Monday, July 11th, 2022

We’ve been in the twenty-first century for a while now, and it’s high time that our HVAC systems reflected that. In this article, we’ll discuss zone control systems and what they can offer the modern homeowner in terms of capability and benefits.

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Is a Zone Control System Right for You?

Monday, June 27th, 2016

We may not live in too hot of a climate compared to some of our east coast neighbors; however summer can still pack quite the punch. Without the right kind of air conditioning system, you can definitely suffer. But when you do utilize an air conditioning system, you want to make sure you are making the most of your cooling experience and utilizing your system as efficiently as possible.

If you have a traditional central air conditioning unit, at one time or another you may have been frustrated by the fact that you need set just one temperature to condition air throughout your entire home. The good news is, you don’t actually have to do this. You just need to invest in a zone control system!

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Can I Add Zone Control to My Existing Heating System?

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

A zone control system is used to regulate different sections of your house. For example, it allows you to set one temperature in the living room (where it may be quite cool) and another temperature in the kitchen (where using the stove might elevate he temperature considerably). You can also shut off the heat in parts of the house you aren’t using and save a lot of money on monthly bills. This provides a tangible advantage over centralized furnaces, which deliver one uniform temperature for the entire house. Here in Puyallup, heating services can provide zone control systems that use stand-alone units such as ductless mini split systems. “But can I add zone control to my existing heating system?” you ask. It’s a fair question and – provided you use the right heating technician – the answer is yes.

The ductless mini-split system makes for easy zone control because each component is an individual heater in and of itself. With multiple units scattered throughout your house, you can turn them on and off as you wish and tailor the temperature accordingly. If you already have a centralized furnace, however, such a system becomes a needless waste: rendering your ductwork obsolete and essentially leaving one fully functioning furnace all but useless.

Adding zone controls to your existing heating system solves all of that. Instead of using multiple separate units, the technician installs a series of valves and dampers in your duct system at key points. Controls are added allowing you to open and close the dampers at different points in the system, modifying or shutting off the heat in various sections of the house. It facilitates good zone control without rendering your existing system useless, and upgrading an existing system in this manner tends improve the resale value of your home to boot.

If you’re asking “Can I add zone control to my existing heating system?” then Sound Heating can help. Our Puyallup heating system technicians have handled heating issues of all varieties for over 20 years, and our staff has considerable experience upgrading existing systems with zone controls. We’re happy to discuss your options with you, and will work overtime to ensure you’re completely happy with your new upgrades. Give us a call today!

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To Zone or Not to Zone My Home Comfort: A Tip From Bellevue

Monday, September 19th, 2011

There are a lot of decisions to make related to your Bellevue home’s comfort system. You must decide what type of heating you want, how you’ll implement air conditioning, and then how to keep all of that heated and cooled air clean and healthy in your home.

On top of everything else, you have the option to implement zone control in your house to provide multiple comfort levels for each member of your family. Zone control systems are growing rapidly in popularity because they allow home owners to enjoy an enhanced level of comfort throughout the day, while not negatively impacting any one person.

For example, if it’s chilly outside and you need to turn your heater on, that doesn’t mean everyone in the house wants the thermostat set to 72°F. There are a few reasons for this. You may be in the kitchen, working over the stove or doing dishes where there is plenty of heat to keep you warm. More warm air coming through vents or radiators isn’t going to make you comfortable.

The second floor of a home traditionally needs less heat because warm air on the first floor rises and fills that space. The same is true in the summer when cool air settles in lower floors. Having a zone control system allows you to set specific temperatures in each room which are then controlled by your home heating system. You can even turn off the heating and cooling in a specific room like your office or the attic if it will be empty for long periods of time.

Other Considerations

A zone control system is good for comfort, but also for the overall air quality of your home. Too much conditioned air moving through your ducts carries more allergens and contaminants into your home and causes your air quality system to work harder. Your ventilation system will be asked to work harder as well.

Ideally, a good home air quality system is designed to use as little conditioned air as possible to keep everyone comfortable. A zone control system does this very effectively. When talking to a professional about a new installation, check to find out about programmable thermostats as well. These can make it easier to set and forget the temperature in rooms that are only used for a few hours each day.

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