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Should You Have A Zone Control System Installed?

We’ve been in the twenty-first century for a while now, and it’s high time that our HVAC systems reflected that. In this article, we’ll discuss zone control systems and what they can offer the modern homeowner in terms of capability and benefits.

What Is A Zone Control System?

A zone control system, sometimes referred to as HVAC zoning system or zoned HVAC, is a type of heating and cooling system designed to redirect and regulate air among different areas of a home. It does this through dampers within its ductwork that are easily controlled via a thermostat, allowing homeowners to seamlessly adjust their system’s output and the temperature of any given room.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Zone Control System Installed?

Zone control systems have been gaining popularity in the world of HVAC for years, and for good reason. Honing a wide array of features and benefits, there are tons of reasons to opt in. The following are three of the most notable and why they should matter to you.

Amazing Control

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of zone control systems is the fact that they are, of course, highly controllable. Through an intricate framework specifically designed to be easily managed, these systems give homeowners the power to heat and cool their homes as they see fit. This is especially beneficial for larger homes with many different rooms that would typically require different settings. Rather than heating or cooling the entire house to maintain a comfortable temperature in one room, zone control systems make it possible to target specific areas.

Unmatched Comfort

It’s not a hard connection to make – with great temperature control comes a great ability to manage the comfort of your home. By being able to decide which specific areas you’d like to heat and cool, you can easily attain and sustain the temperatures you need in any given space, making them perfectly comfortable for whatever you have planned.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Traditionally designed HVAC systems are notorious for burning through an unnecessary amount of energy, and for one reason – they’re not efficient!

Zone control systems have been shown to provide a significant boost when it comes to the efficiency of HVAC systems. By allowing homeowners to better target their heating and cooling needs, these systems undergo less strain as a whole. What’s more, they also only use whatever amount of energy is actually needed, further reducing energy consumption and costs.

Looking For Even Better Benefits? Go Ductless.

Beyond what a ducted zone control design can offer, ductless systems are zone control systems by nature, that provide an incredible amount of efficiency and convenience to homeowners. Through a direct framework, they make it even easier to control and manage HVAC usage, all while minimizing energy wastage and loss. This could be as much as 30%, which is how much consumption the US Department of Energy estimates is lost through traditional duct systems.

For everything zone control systems in Puyallup WA, look no further than Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. It’s our business to ensure that your home is both as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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