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AC Problems You Need A Professional to Fix in Puget Sound

Monday, April 16th, 2012

In a hot climate, it’s great to be cool.  Air conditioning in Puget Sound makes life possible for some people.  It lets us sleep and helps us be our best through the hottest days.

Air conditioning is a cool blanket that wraps around us like a mother’s arm around a little baby.  It’s such a part of our lives that it’s easy to forget that, like a baby, our own air conditioners must be well fed and maintained.

Some quick fixes are easy for a home owner, but other air conditioning repairs are complicated, and require a professionally certified HVAC company like Sound Heating to accomplish.

Doing the Basics

For window mounts or the big units on the side of the house, regular cleanings and a filter change should be a part of every season.  Even for the most bumbling of hands, it’s not hard to remove the cover and replace the panel of webbing that catches lint and other particles out of your conditioned air.

Some warm water and a good shot of compressed air gently on the exposed fins will help to increase the longevity of the unit.  Be careful not to put pressure on the fragile fins and coils or use hot water that could cause corrosion.

Make sure the drain is clear, always cover the unit or store it away when more naturally cool temperatures take over and you’ve got conditioned air and relative peace of mind in the years ahead.

Big Problems

Without the regular service, however, an air conditioner begins to work much harder to produce the same amount (or less) of cool joy and parts begin to break down.  With total neglect, the unit itself may need replacement much sooner than was promised when you paid for it. These are repairs that could be avoided and require a professional to make.

The key ingredient to cooling is a chemical called a refrigerant (most often Freon) that is capable of transforming rapidly from gas to liquid and back again at low temperatures. This runs through two intricate tubes, a compressor, and a critical expansion valve that controls the process.  It is a delicate and complicated process that calls for expertise and the right tools, especially since the refrigerant is considered hazardous and requires special handling.

When the air gets stuffy, it could be that the fan is the problem.  Belts could be worn, loose or broken.  The motor may be low on oil and is stained to the breaking point.

If mysterious signs of water or mold are showing up on the inside of the house near the unit, there could be a problem with the condensate that is released with the heat when air is cooled.  This could be a simple or complicated fix, but should be checked out professionally to ensure all is well.

With love and care, an air conditioner should provide us with a decade or two of wonderful sleep and cool times.  Schedule regular service with Sound Heating to increase the comfort.