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3 Reasons to Consider Pre-Season Heating Maintenance

It’s not difficult to procrastinate about getting work done on your heating system. You’re probably still thinking about the summer fading behind you and don’t want to face up to the coming colder months. But while you’re procrastinating, your heater could develop problems that will lead to unexpected trouble when you finally need it to turn on. Getting an annual inspection will keep your heating system in good operating condition, and the time to schedule maintenance is now—before the chilly season begins.

Here are 3 reasons to call a professional HVAC company like Sound Heating to perform heating maintenance service as soon as possible. Sound Heating has highly-trained Tacoma, WA heating specialists who can prepare your heater for its upcoming job.

Prevent repairs: The most important service pre-season maintenance provides for you is keeping away expensive repairs. If you wait for winter, you could end up with a plunge in the heat in your house while you wait for repair help to arrive. The worst-case scenario is a total breakdown that could even require a full system replacement. Procrastinating until winter to have your heater looked at increases your chances of some extremely uncomfortable days.

Improved energy efficiency: A heater that hasn’t gotten a tune-up will not run at peak efficiency. If dust clogs, corroded pipes, malfunctioning thermostats, or worn motors interfere with a heater’s performance, it will need to work harder to reach the temperature you set for it. The drain on fuel or electricity will show up as higher energy bills. Regular maintenance will get your heater cleaned and fine-tuned so it gives its best performance and saves you money.

Get quicker, more convenient service: Winter puts a crunch on HVAC technicians with numerous emergency calls. (Calls customers could have avoided with pre-season maintenance!) It’s much harder to get a technician out to your home quickly and at a time that suits you during the middle of the heating season. Right now, however, getting an appointment that works for you is far easier, so take advantage of the slower months.

Now is the time to act to get your heater in good health. Sound Heating offers multiple maintenance plans designed for the type of heater you have in your home in Tacoma, WA. Heating systems like gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and heat pumps will get top-quality check-ups from our technicians. Contact us today before the weather gets any colder!

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