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This Year’s Heating Options

Frequent rain and chilly temperatures are a hallmark for winters in the Seattle area, including outlying suburbs like Puyallup, WA. Heating systems can help combat that, providing warm and cozy homes to act as a refuge against the miserable weather outside. As heating season approaches, it pays to take stock of your particular circumstances and determine your heating options this year. Obviously, every case is unique, but a few general outlines can cover the basics.

The first option is to sit tight with your existing heating system, which is probably what most people prefer to do. Unless your furnace is more than 15 years old and/or is experiencing serious repair issues, there’s no need to install a new one. Instead, you should schedule a routine maintenance inspection from a qualified professional. He can come to your home, inspect the furnace for any signs of damage, clean the components and/or otherwise “spruce up” the unit for the upcoming cold weather.

You may also be in a situation where you don’t need a new furnace, but might want a few upgrades to improve the old one. Upgrades can range from insulated covers on exposed ductwork to better retain the heat to newer thermostats designed with pre-timed start and stop options. Such upgrades won’t break your bank, but can give you more options for controlling your heating, and more importantly, might save you money in your monthly electric bills.

Finally, you may need to consider replacing your existing unit entirely. If it’s more than 15 years old, is struggling to heat your home adequately and/or is undergoing repairs too frequently, a new unit may be what you need. The up-front cost may be high, but you’ll likely save money in repairs (to say nothing of monthly energy bills).

Regardless of what option works best for your home, it pays to consult a professional to understand your heating options this year. Sound Heating provides heating services throughout Puyallup, WA. Heating and furnaces are a specialty of ours, and we can discuss all of your choices with you before beginning maintenance or installation procedures. Give us a call today!

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