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All About Radiant Heaters

hvac-vent-low-on-wallIt is no surprise that it gets cold here in Washington – really cold. Winter is just around the corner and you’ll be turning your heater on soon if you haven’t already. And if you’re hoping to stay comfortable this winter, you need a heating system that is designed to withstand the frigid temperatures we can expect. 

While each different type of heater has its own pros and cons, radiant heaters have benefits that are really difficult to match or beat. With that being said, radiant heaters are difficult to install and they aren’t right for every home. But if you’ve heard of radiant heaters and they piqued your interest, give us a call. We’re the experts in hydronics for Puyallup, WA

Understanding Radiant Heating

Many HVAC systems use a forced air approach. This means that they heat air and then blow it out into the home where it circulates. A radiant heater works differently because it heats surfaces in your home. As the name implies, the heat then radiates out from a chosen surface to the surrounding objects and people.

We already said that installing a radiant heater is a big job, and here’s why. Many homes with radiant heat have electric panels inside the walls or coils under the floors to provide heat. Installing these panels and coils in an existing home means tearing out walls and floors to rebuild them again following installation. It’s easier to install this type of system in a home that’s being built from the ground up because the system can be worked into the overall design of the home .

Another more popular form of radiant heating is a system that uses hydronic heating. Tubes gets installed under your floors and hot water circulates, thus circulating heat. This takes much of the electrical work out of the equation and makes the system a little more practical and potentially less expensive for energy use. 

Why Choose Radiant Heating

If you’re used to the standard HVAC system that blows out warm air, radiant heating can sound a little far fetched. But it’s not, and here’s why: 

  • More efficiency – With forced air systems you lose a lot of heat as the air travels through the system and out through the vents. It may take more effort for you to feel comparably warmer. The water in a hydronic system retains heat much better than air. 
  • Enhanced comfort – Hot air naturally rises. But when you have air vents that come out of your ceiling, how do you force that air down to your level? Radiant heat begins in the ground or the walls, much closer to where you want to feel it. You may naturally feel more comfortable with heat that generates from the floor. 
  • Long lifespan – Radiant heating systems have far fewer connections and components, so there is less that can go wrong with the unit. The system also takes on less wear and tear because of the way it works. When you install a radiant heater, it is likely to last longer than its forced air alternative would. 

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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