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Heed These Signs You Need Boiler Services

Pipes of a heating systemIt’s not time to start using your boiler system on a daily basis quite yet, but that time will be here soon enough. When it is, you want to be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of distress. Premature system breakdowns can be avoided with professional installation, repair, and maintenance services from highly trained technicians.

By having professional services done and by keeping up on maintenance, you can usually avoid the costliest of Puyallup, WA boiler repairs. But, there’s always a chance that something will eventually go wrong with your heating system. Eventually, your boiler will wear down to the point that it needs to be replaced. But do you know what to look for when it comes to deciding if your boiler is in distress?

Look at the Age of the System

The standard boiler system, when properly maintained, can typically last about 15 years. Even if yours hasn’t quite reached this age, it’s worth looking into upgrading the system, since even in the last 5 years boilers have become more efficient than they once were. If yours is 15 years old, or older, then it’s likely to start showing signs of distress soon if it isn’t already.

Foul Odors

One of these signs is bad smells. Unfamiliar or unpleasant smells should never be neglected. They might be a sign of a gas leak, which should be addressed immediately when you notice it. Even if the smell isn’t from a gas leak though, it could be the result of a problem with your ventilation system.


A leak is something that you should never ignore when it comes to a boiler system. Not only can this cause significant property damage in your home, it can be a sign of something going wrong inside your boiler, plus it can lead to system inefficiency.

Temperature Troubles

If your water is usually cooler or hotter than what the temperature should be, then you could have a problem with your boiler. The water is likely not circulating as it should be, which means your boiler can’t consistently heat your home.

Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

Of course, it makes sense that your energy bills will be higher the more you use your boiler this winter. But if your bills are significantly higher than what they were last year, or higher than what your neighbors are paying for similar use, then you could likely have a system that is not performing as effectively and efficiently as it should or once was.

Frequent Repair Needs

The above-mentioned problems can all mostly be resolved with quality professional repairs. But if you are frequently calling for repair services, then it could make more economic sense to replace and upgrade the boiler system. A new boiler can certainly be a large investment, but not when you consider the mounting costs of repairs.

Generally speaking, if you have a pending repair that’s going to cost at least half of what a new boiler system would, it’ll be more cost-effective to replace it than to do another repair. Maintenance helps prevent premature breakdown, but eventually it’s just time.

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