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Is It Too Early to Think about Heating Maintenance?

technician checking heater Okay, we get it: it’s impossible right now to even imagine using your heater. Summer isn’t even over yet! But the thing is, maintenance is about so much more than looking for repair needs—it is a preventive step that all homeowners should take to ensure the efficiency, and effectiveness, of their heating system. And no, it is never too early to schedule preventive professional heating services in Olympia, WA.

We suggest that you have heating maintenance scheduled right before your heater’s heaviest period of use, so during fall. However, so long as you have your maintenance scheduled on a yearly basis (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump), then you are taking the right step towards ensuring a fully functional heating system.

Understanding the Steps of Heating Maintenance

Maintenance is what helps to keep your heater running as effectively and efficiently as it should, for as long as it should. It lessens the likelihood of huge emergency repair needs down the line, and it helps to give you a peace of mind that your system is well cared for, and that you can rely on it throughout the years. But what are the steps that our professional technicians actually take during this service appointment?

  • Comprehensively Inspect the Heater: This is likely the most important part of your heating system maintenance appointment. This is the time in which our professional heating technicians look over your system to spot any potential health or safety risks. We’ll also look for any pending repair needs that could affect the performance of your system. Our technicians will inform you of anything that needs quick repairs, so that you have the time to schedule additional services ASAP—another great reason for scheduling your heating maintenance so early in fall—and ideally, help you avoid a bigger emergency later on.
  • Thoroughly Clean the System: When the various components within your heating system are dirty, they cannot perform as well as they should. For example, if a coil within your heat pump is blocked by a layer of dirt or grime, then it can’t successfully absorb heat from the outside air. A dirty furnace burner can have problems too: it won’t be able to generate heat as needed. Cleaning each of your heater’s components enables the system to work at its peak efficiency.
  • Adjusting Components That Need It: Over the years, the components within your heater go through a lot of stress and accumulate natural wear and tear. Due to this, even if those components don’t need repair, they might require adjustments as they become bent or loose. For instance, you could have a bent flame sensor within your furnace, a loose furnace panel, or even a bent heat pump component. It’s important to remember that once one component isn’t operating as it should, it can have a domino effect and negatively affect the other components within the heater.

The more routinely you keep on top of your heating system maintenance, the easier it is for it to do its job. And the easier the system can do its job, the less energy it needs, which increases the efficiency of the unit and decreases your monthly utility costs.

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