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Common Questions About Solar Heating Systems

Solar energy is much more common nowadays than in years past, but a lot of homeowners still have plenty of questions about solar heating systems. When properly installed and maintained by qualified Tacoma, WA solar professionals – and properly operated by homeowners – a solar heating system is a great way to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter in an extremely efficient way. Contact Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today with any questions you have about solar installation in Tacoma. The sun is up there shining away pretty much every day. Why not put all that energy to use?

Does Solar Heating Work Even if it is Cloudy Out?

Here in Tacoma we see our fair share of cloudy days. This makes some homeowners skeptical of the effectiveness that a solar heating system can really offer. While it is true that cloudy days may limit the amount of energy absorbed on that day, you must remember that energy is used in real time. If that were the case, then a solar energy system would not operate when it is dark out. A solar heating system, paired with a large battery storage system and efficient appliances, will help you keep your home heated efficiently. A backup heating system, used only when the solar heating system is overwhelmed, can give you the extra boost your heating system may occasionally need.

Are Solar Heating Systems Very Expensive?

There is a certain amount of expense when investing in a solar heating system, but like any good investment you can expect a return on this one. The reduction in energy costs when heating your home will help offset the initial investment. Solar panels and set ups require little maintenance, as they have few moving parts, so you will not have to pay much for repairs and tune-ups. Routine maintenance will help ensure the continued success of your system.

For more information about solar heating systems in Tacoma, WA, call Sound Heating & Air Conditioning. Our Tacoma WA Solar professionals will have you heating your home more efficiently in no time. Call today to schedule an installation.

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