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Heating: Room Temperature Does Not Match Thermostat Setting

Most of your heating and air conditioning system components are tucked away out of view, and you have little interaction with them. Your thermostat, however, is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system, and by far the component that you have the most face time with. When you are unable to operate your thermostat successfully, it can be quite frustrating. The Bellevue, WA heating professionals at Sound Heating & Air Conditioning know that you depend on your thermostat year round to accurately control temperatures in your home. Here are a few reasons why the temperature in your home may not match that of your thermostat setting.

If your thermostat is not able to accurately read the temperature in your home, it will not be able to regulate it properly either. It is possible that your thermostat is dirty inside, which can affect its reading of the temperature. Remove the cover on your thermostat, and use a soft brush to gently remove and dust, dirt or other debris that may have accumulated therein.

It is also possible that some corrosion has taken place within your thermostat. If this is the case, the electrical contacts in the thermostat may not be operating properly. By using an electronic contact cleaner you can resolve this problem in some cases. If the thermostat is outdated anyway, though, you may just want to consider replacing it.

The installation of your thermostat is very important in determining the success of its operation. If your thermostat is too close to the ground, or is located close to windows or in direct sunlight, it may not operate properly. Make sure that your thermostat is in an area that is actually indicative of the true temperature in the room. For more tips on using your thermostat properly, give us a call.

At Sound Heating, our Bellevue WA heating technicians have the answers to any thermostat questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more. Get the best performance possible from your air conditioning and heating equipment by communicating with it successfully. A great thermostat is integral to achieving that goal.

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