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Heating Tip: What are the Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Homeowners throughout the Auburn, WA area are always looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency. As we transition into a different season of the year that presents its own challenges to our indoor comfort, you may be in the market to replace your current heating system. While furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating all have their advantages, the heat pump remains one of the most comprehensive home comfort options available. Whatever type of system you choose, however, remember that the most important part of the process is its installation, which should be carried out by a certified technician. Speak to an Auburn WA heating professional at Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about your options.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing a heat pump in your home:

  • Versatility. Most heating systems are only able to work during part of the year to keep your home comfortable. What makes the heat pump special is its versatility. It has an indoor and outdoor unit, and works a lot like an air conditioner. It harnesses the thermal energy of the outdoor air, even in low temperatures, to heat your home. But it can also cool your home during the summer by reversing the flow of coolant. This makes it into a comprehensive, year-round option for ensuring that your home is comfortable no matter what the outside temperature is.
  • Energy efficiency. While furnaces and boilers can use natural gas to heat your home, a heat pump uses electrical energy, making it one of the most energy efficient types of heating available today. For example, the York Affinity™ YZH is up to 60% more energy efficient thanks to its two-stage compressor technology.
  • Ground-source capability. A ground-source heat pump, also known as a geothermal system, uses the moderate temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home. An underground piping system is installed in a loop beneath the ground near your home, and a refrigerant circulates through it, transferring the cold air out of your home, and sending heated air throughout the ductwork.

For more information about heat pumps and how they might improve your home, call the Auburn, WA heating experts at Sound Heating & Air Conditioning. Call Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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