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Heating Tip: Getting the Most out of Your New Thermostat and Other Upgrades

Are you considering installing a new programmable thermostat or other upgrades to your Tacoma home this heating season? Make sure you get the most out of your home improvements with these energy-saving tips. You can always call Sound Heating & Air with questions, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Thermostat Upgrades

Whether you’ve recently upgraded your heating system, or you want to install a programmable thermostat as an easy way to help save energy, make sure you know how to operate the new device for optimal savings. Depending on how many thermostats you have in your home, consider wireless models if you have thermostats hard-wired in places that are near natural light or heat sources. This can provide false readings due to the heat from the light. Wireless models give you the option of installing them anywhere in your home.

Other Upgrades to Consider

Do you have an old water heater that works but just isn’t as efficient as you would like it to be? Instead of upgrading to tankless immediately, consider some minor adjustments to the old equipment. Make sure the storage tank on your hot water heater is insulated properly. Ask a plumber if you aren’t sure how to tell. One rule of thumb is the amount of heat you can feel coming from the tank. If you can feel excess heat radiating from your water heater, it may need a water heater jacket.

Upgrading to double-paned windows and installing heavy storm doors is one option, but you can also add caulk to seal the cracks in places where there’s an air leak. Try the candle test if you haven’t received a home energy audit. Hold a lit candle near windows and doorways to see if it flickers. If it does, you need weathers tripping or some type of sealant around the cracks.

Lastly, installing ceiling fans can actually help in the winter. If you reverse the direction of the fan, it will push down all the warm air that rises to the ceiling. This also helps circulate the warm air from a forced air heating system.

You can count on Sound Heating & Air to provide you with professional advice and tips on how to increase overall home efficiency. Call us any time to speak with one of our Tacoma heating experts.

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