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Heating Tips: What to Think About Before Switching to a Solar Energy System

Before you switch to solar energy in your Fife, WA home, you should think about a few factors that will affect the performance of your heating system. While active solar energy can help lower heating cots, sometimes providing up to 75% of your heating needs, it isn’t always the best option in some situations.

Backup Heat

Keep in mind that all solar energy systems will require some type of backup heater. Also, how much use you get out of the solar heat as opposed to the backup heat depends largely on how much sunlight you get in the winter. You can store energy with a solar heating system, but it is important to know that shading from trees around your home and other factors, such as weather patterns, will determine the cost-effectiveness of using solar heat.

You will also need regular maintenance for your solar energy system. Just like with any sort of HVAC system, preventive maintenance will help prevent problems and also help maintain the efficiency of the new system. Solar panels need to be checked for hairline cracks as well, since small cracks can quickly turn into a replacement need.


The one mistake many people make is not updating their home before installing solar panels. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you won’t get as much out of the savings from the solar energy source. It’s also important to get a home energy audit that can pinpoint areas where your home needs improvements, such as more sealing or ventilation.

Local Restrictions and Building Codes

One of the main factors you will need to consider involves knowing the local restrictions and building codes. Some areas will not allow for the installation of solar panels due to regulations that limit certain improvements that do not maintain the character of the neighborhood. Some zoning laws restrict anything that is considered a private nuisance. That’s why it is important to hire a contractor who is familiar with local codes.

Call the Fife, WA solar energy experts at Sound Heating, and we’ll go over all the factors with you and help you decide whether a new active solar energy system is right for your home. Contact Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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