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Here’s How to Boost Your Heating Efficiency

house-and-money-symbols-on-opposite-ends-of-seesawIf you’re reading this blog post at the time of its publishing, it means you’ve had quite the year—we’ve all had quite the year! With enough to worry about on your plate, it’s easy to forget about a very important home comfort system you’ll be needing 24/7 very soon—your heater.

Hopefully, you’ve already had yours professionally maintained! Professional maintenance allows our technicians to comprehensively inspect, clean, and adjust the components within your heater. Without this diligent care, you can expect your heater to have more repairs and a shortened lifespan. You can also expect it to perform inefficiently, costing you more to use it from month-to-month.

Even with maintenance though, many homeowners wonder if there is any way to lower their heating bills. We get it! The good news, there is. Read on as we uncover some of the best ways to boost your heating efficiency and subsequently lower your heating bills this year.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

This is relatively small component with a big job, that you can upgrade and immediately boost your heating efficiency. The thermostat is not a minor device! It’s the “brain” of your system, allowing you to communicate with your heater.

Upgrading to even the most basic digital thermostat from an older manual thermostat is a great idea. Even better is upgrading to a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat. These digital thermostats can be access from your smart phone, from wherever you are. Plus, they can “learn” from your heating and cooling preferences to adjust themselves accordingly, bringing even greater efficiency.

Apply Weatherstripping

Whether you’re using a furnace, heat pump, or even boiler, if you have drafty doors and windows you are letting heat out of your home and cold into your home. As a result, you’re using energy that you’re paying for, but not actually enjoying the comfort that you should be.

Consider investing in some simple caulking to seal up drafty windows and door jams, and ensure that the heat that’s being produced stays in your home. Ultimately this will help your heater not run for so long to reach your desired temperature, meaning you’ll pay less.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

This may seem like a strange wintertime tip, but bear with us! You know how you use your ceiling fans in the summertime to better distribute air coming from your AC system? This makes it feel coolers so you can turn your thermostat up and not use as much energy.

Well, this same concept can be applied in the wintertime, with the simple flip of a switch. That’s right, there’s a switch in the middle of your ceiling fan that you could be utilizing. What it does is switch the direction of the fan blades to pull hot air down from the ceiling and better distribute the air coming from your heater.

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