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You’ve likely already turned your heater on this season, and your reliance on it only increases as the temperatures drop even more. Winter is almost here, and you want to make sure that your heater is working at its best all season long. 

Even if you take care of your heater all season long, heating maintenance still offers a variety of benefits. Scheduling heater maintenance annually is a great investment in the life of your heater. But even if you haven’t scheduled heater maintenance in the past, you can start now. This is the best way to prevent surprise furnace repairs in Auburn, WA

Beat Heater Repairs

As your heater ages, repairs are inevitable. The older any appliance gets, problems arise more frequently. Even with the best care, parts on your heater can wear down and need replacing, tightening, or additional lubrication. Without maintenance, these problems can get worse until they affect how your heater operates – meaning you have to make the call for an emergency heater repair.

But investing in annual maintenance helps you stay ahead of these problems. Sure, maintenance costs money, so you may be thinking that it’s easier to just wait until something goes wrong. But by the time that happens, your system takes on additional wear and tear. Allowing damage to happen can shorten the life of your heater so that it doesn’t last as long.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that your heater stands to lose around 5% of its efficiency each year? That means each year your heater needs to use around 5% more energy to heat your home. After only five years you may be spending 25% more on energy costs to heat your home. The good news it, heater maintenance helps you maintain your energy efficiency. Over the life of your unit, you save hundreds if not thousands in energy costs by maintaining your heater. 

Longer Lifespan

When you take care of something, it lasts longer. This is true for your heater, too. When you invest in annual heater maintenance your heater can go for years longer before needing to be replaced. For example, if the average lifespan of a heater is 15-20 years, heating maintenance is the difference in that average. A heater that isn’t maintained may need to be replaced closer to 15 years. A well-maintained heater can easily last for 20 years if not longer. 

Prioritizing Safety

Whether your heater is gas or electric, it poses some safety risks to your home. Electrical wires can wear down over time and become bare. Gas lines have the potential to leak, impacting your health and causing fire hazards. Many heaters also use refrigerant, which can leak and pose its own unique risks to your heater – sometimes leading to severe damage if a leak goes unnoticed. Annual heater maintenance is an opportunity for our experts to assess your unit from top to bottom and address any safety concerns. 

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