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Should You Choose Radiant Heating?


Radiant heat is a great option for heating homes, although it is not as popular as forced air system alternatives. Many homeowners just replace their old heaters with a new version of the same system instead of researching all of their heating options.

But hydronic heating in Federal Way, WA is gaining traction quickly because of the many benefits. The thing about heating is that there is no one best option that fits everyone’s needs. Each home and family is different. Even if a forced air system has been working for you just fine, a radiant heat system may work better.  

What is Radiant Heating?

Just like the name implies, radiant heating (also called hydronic heating) is a heating source that radiates heat out into your home as opposed to blowing heated air in through vents. It’s most commonly recognized as radiant heat that comes up through the floors, but it can also be located in walls. 

Radiant heat relies on heated water that runs through pipes located in your home through the floors and walls. Many people think of radiant heating as a luxury that only some people can afford, but that’s not true. If you can afford to install any other type of heating system, you can afford radiant heating, too. 

Greater Efficiency

If you rely on warm air to heat your home, you’re losing a lot of energy because the air cools down quickly. Radiant heat uses less energy to produce and lasts longer. Water is a much better way to conduct heat than air. In fact, experts estimate that radiant heat is around 25% more efficient than heated air. 

Unique Design

Radiant heat is one of the only heating options that isn’t visible inside the rooms of your home. Radiators and bulky air vents are unsightly no matter where they are located. But a radiant heat system is out of sight. It doesn’t take up space in your home or take away from the aesthetic. 

Greater Humidity

Forced air systems have one major downside, and that is taking away humidity in your air. The more air you blow into your home, the less humidity there is. And humidity levels between 30% and 50% are actually good for your health and make the air feel warmer. Radiant heaters don’t take away humidity from the air or blow in dust particles. 

Even Heating

Most forced air systems have air vents that are located on or near the ceiling. Heat rises naturally, so your room may not even feel as warm as you want because heat blows in and pools on your ceilings. Radiant heat starts in your floor so it has a chance to permeate the entire room from bottom to top. 

Fast Results

Radiant heat is a great way to heat your home quickly. There’s no waiting for the temperature to change while you shiver. Heated water acts quickly to transfer heat throughout your home and maintain the heat without needing to use even more energy. 

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