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Take Care of These Late Season Heating Repairs

woman-looking-cold-in-her-homeIn our area, it’s practically heating season all year-round, right? We’re using our heaters on a pretty consistent basis no matter the months. While homeowners in other parts of the country get ready to turn their systems off for the season and turn their attention to their air conditioners, we don’t quite get that break. Therefore, it’s even more important for us to make sure our heaters are in good shape, because we’re still going to need them even though “heating season” is practically over.

Remember, ignoring any type of heating system problem can cause it to turn into a much bigger issue. You could find yourself facing a completely broken down heater next year when you need it the most. Or depending on the circumstances, you could even find yourself with a malfunctioning air conditioner (for instance if you’re using a year-round heat pump system).

But how do you know if you have heater problems that need to be checked out? Read on to learn some of the symptoms of a heater in disrepair.

You Notice Cold Spots in the House

Maybe you’ve discovered that your home isn’t heating up as quickly as it used to, or you notice cold spots in certain areas of your home.

If so, it may be that your heating system is declining in performance. But it could also be something else, like a problem with a miscalibrated thermostat or even damaged ductwork. Both of these problems will negatively impact your cooling system, too!

Your System Is Making Strange Sounds

No matter how minor the sound your heater is making might seem, if it’s a sound you’ve never heard before then you are right to be concerned. A few noises in particular that absolutely warrant a repair call include mechanical clanging or banging, hissing and clicking, or just general loud operation.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than Average

It’s natural to see a rise in heating bills this time of the year, when we’ve been using our heaters for days on end over the winter. What you shouldn’t see though is a huge increase over what you paid last year, or over what your neighbors are paying to heat their homes.

Your System Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling describes the process in which your heating or cooling system turns on and shuts off in rapid succession. This increases the wear and tear on your system.

It’s worth mentioning here that if your heater is relatively new, and you’ve always experienced this symptom, it likely means that the system is too large for your home. Be sure to talk to our professionals to see what your options are in this case.

Remember, even if you don’t plan on using your heater much more this season, letting it sit in way throughout the spring and summer with lingering service needs could result in a large and expensive hassle for you when you need the system again.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today for your heating repair needs! We take your comfort as serious as you do.

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