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The Importance of Professional Furnace Installation

When it comes to updating your home or adding a new appliance to it, there are many projects that can easily be “Do It Yourself” jobs. Furnace installation is not one of these projects. There are a number of reasons that it’s important to hire a professional for this job, some of which we highlighted below.


Do you know what a heat load calculation is? It’s okay if you don’t—the average homeowner has no idea. But our professionals do. This is what we use to determine the correct size of furnace for your home.

You may think, “but the bigger, the better, right?” Unfortunately, this is not the case.

A furnace that is too large will cause your home’s temperature to rise too quickly, and force your furnace to go through a process called short-cycling which is when it cycles on and off rapidly. This causes your furnace to accumulate wear and tear faster, and you may find yourself replacing your system a lot earlier than you would have otherwise.

Too small of a heating system is just as bad. A furnace that is not big enough for your home will never be able to achieve the heating needs required in your living space and therefore cannot work efficiently. You’ll end up paying for a system that’s always running but not leaving you with a comfortable living area.


The installation of a furnace isn’t as simple as taking the old system out and putting a new one into place. It requires a specific set of skills. For instance, you’re going to need ductwork if you don’t have it already. And you need to make sure that ductwork is installed in such a way that it won’t bend or crack, creating efficiency and air quality issues.

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