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Watch For These Common End-of-Season Furnace Repair Needs

hand-writing-in-day-plannerSpring has officially sprung and we all know what that means – warmer temperatures are ahead. It’s something lots of people have been looking forward to, having waited out the cold winter months for this much more tolerable climate. It’s also something that marks an important time for your furnace, as it gears down from this season’s hard work. While the end of cold temperatures can sometimes feel like the end of needing to pay attention to your heating system, it’s not. 

Lots of problems can develop over a season’s use, and it’s essential to pay attention to your furnace’s repair needs before shifting focus for the rest of the year.

The following are some common end-of-season problems that you should keep an eye out for and have repaired as soon as possible.

End-of-Season Problem #1: Unusual Noises

One of the most telling signs that something is wrong with your furnace is unusual noises. If you start to hear banging, grinding, squealing, or any other noise that wasn’t there before, it’s time to give us a call. These sounds can indicate that there is something loose inside the unit, or that a part has become worn out and needs to be replaced.

End-of-Season Problem #2: Pilot Light Is Out

When was the last time you checked your furnace’s pilot light? If it’s been a while, now is a good time to take a look. The pilot light is what ignites the gas inside your furnace, so if it’s out, your furnace won’t work. If you see that the pilot light is out, try relighting it. If it won’t stay lit, there could be a problem with the gas supply or the igniter.

End-of-Season Problem #3: Strange Smells

If you notice any strange smells coming from your furnace, it’s important to take action right away. These smells could be indicative of a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous. If you smell something like rotten eggs, sulfur, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary, shut off the furnace and call us immediately.

End-of-Season Problem #4: Yellow Burner Flame

When you take a look at your furnace’s burner flame, it should be blue. If it’s yellow, that means that there is something wrong with the combustion process. This could be due to a problem with the gas supply, dirt or dust in the unit, or a venting issue.

End-of-Season Problem #5: Lukewarm Air From Vents

Given the fact that its purpose is to generate heat, it’s pretty obvious why you wouldn’t want your furnace emitting lukewarm air. Beyond simply annoying, this problem can also be indicative of a performance issue in your heating system. This is the case for both gas and electric powered heaters, as a lack of warm air can signal problems with anything from a thermostat to air ducts.

End-of-season maintenance is essential to preserving the longevity of your furnace. It ensures that your system is running as efficiently as possible and can help prevent any future issues from arising. If you’ve been putting off this task, don’t wait any longer. Call a qualified furnace specialist to get your home taken care of.

For professional furnace service in Fife, WA, contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. We take your comfort as seriously as you do!

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