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What Type of Solar Panels Are Best?

pole-mounted-solar-panelWhen homeowners are looking to save money in our area, they’re often curious about solar panels and solar energy, and how much it could save them. But did you know there are actually different types of solar panels you could get? There are roof-mounted, which you’re probably most familiar with, ground-mounted, and pole-mounted.

The difference between these panels is how well their placement can receive sunlight. Given that we live in a fairly rainy and overcast climate, it may seem like you wouldn’t get much use out of solar panels, but the reality is with the right placement, solar panels are absolutely worth it and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Read on to learn more!

The Limits of Rooftop Solar Panels

As we mentioned above, rooftop solar panels are the ones that most homeowners are most used to seeing. But what you may not know is that your rooftop solar panels could be restricted a bit by the qualities of your roofing. For example, if the roof isn’t at an appropriate angle, isn’t facing south to get enough direct sunlight, or if the solar panels are obstructed at all by a chimney or skylight, then you’ll have less efficient solar energy consumption.

There’s also the size of your roof to consider. It might not even be big enough for a solar energy system that can meet all the electrical demands of your home. After all, electrical demands have grown in the average American home, exponentially in recent years.

The Benefits of Ground or Pole Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels give you a lot of flexibility, as they can be placed on any open land. Plus, they’re relatively easy for our professionals to install for you. They don’t require any drilling into your roofing, plus the components that are used to secure standard ground-mounted solar panels are pretty lightweight, making them easy to remove.

Ground-mounted solar panels can be set at any angle and can face the precise direction they need in order to take advantage of the most direct sunlight possible. Ground-mounted systems can actually help you generate more electricity than a comparably-sized rooftop solar panel system.

One thing you will want to keep in mind about all this is that ground-mounted solar panels do tend to be a bit costlier than their rooftop counterparts on a per-watt basis. The reason for this is that there’s often additional labor and permitting involved for our technicians to successfully install these systems. However, ground-mounted systems can be installed wherever conditions are best, once the proper permitting is obtained.

Not All Ground-Mounted Systems Are Created Equal!

You noticed above that we mentioned pole-mounted solar panels. These are very similar to ground-mounted systems, however, they’re able to support multiple solar panels on a single pole, and can elevate those panels up higher off the ground than the basic ground-mounted panels.

Unsure what’s best for your specific home and needs? Please reach out to our team for help making an educated decision!

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today for professional solar panel installation in Tacoma, WA! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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