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3 Common Types of Hydronic Heating Repair

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Hydronic heating consists of a series of metal tubes planted beneath the floorboards of your home along with reflective tiling. Hot water is pumped through the tubes, which warm your home directly through the floors instead of relying on forced air like traditional systems do. Installation can be very involved, but once the system is set up, it’s very efficient and cost-friendly. There are no drafts or cold spots, and the system won’t spread dust or germs the way forced-air furnaces do. But like any other appliance, they suffer their share of problems and damage. Here in Tacoma, heating repair services are on call to handle any issues with your hydronic heating system. Here are 3 common types of hydronic heating repair:

  • Faulty pump. The pump is necessary to circulate the water through the system. Without it, the water won’t stay warm and the system won’t be able to effectively heat your home. The pump can become jammed or clogged, or the motor running it may suffer from some kind of short. Electrical problems can shut off power to the pump as well.
  • Air venting valves. Hydronic heating systems require air venting valves to release excess air from the system. When the valves malfunction, they either seal shut or stay wedged open, both of which will seriously compromise your system’s ability to function.
  • Leaks. Hydronic heating systems are designed to be water-tight, but over lengthy periods of time, leaks can develop in weak fittings or connections. A leak is a serious issue because it can damage the surrounding floor and other furnishings in your home. If you detect one, shut off the system and contact a repair technician immediately.

Heating repair services in Tacoma, WA can be performed by the experts at Sound Heating. We handle common types of hydronic heating repair as well as more unusual problems, and our trained staff has years of experience in dealing with hydronic systems. If you own a hydronic heating system and need it examined by the best, pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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