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Ground Source Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Air Conditioning

When most people think about heat pumps, they think about their heating capabilities in the wintertime. And yes it’s true, ground source heat pumps are a revolutionary and very reliable source of heating. However, in the summer, these systems have the capability of pulling heat from your home’s air and depositing it into the ground outside in order to provide you with adequate cooling, making ground source heat pumps an excellent alternative to a traditional central air conditioning system.

How Do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

A standard heat pump takes warmth from either air or water, and transfers it to another medium using a compressor, providing your home with conditioned air all year long. A ground source heat pump works in this same fashion, but instead of using air or water as a medium, it pulls heat from the natural energy stored beneath the earth’s surface. Installed underground, this system is able to utilize the consistent temperature of the earth to condition your home.

Is This Better Than Central Air Conditioning?

Central air conditioning works by transferring heat to refrigerant inside your system’s indoor evaporator coil, and this heat exchange “cools” the air and provides your whole home with conditioned air. Central air conditioning still provides an effective and reliable source of cooling, especially with today’s government standards making these systems extremely energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. However, a lot can be said for the benefits of a ground source heat pumps. We’ve listed a few of these advantages below.

  • They are more environmentally friendly than other cooling systems.
  • Once installed, ground source heat pumps are relatively low maintenance.
  • They efficiently use a renewable resource, which other systems cannot.

Of course, a ground source heat pump might not be the most ideal choice for your home, and there are other factors to consider when choosing the right system. For example, they are more expensive to install. Additionally, the installation process itself means significant work and disruption to your yard. Lastly, while there are multiple methods of installing these systems, you do need to have adequate underground space on your property. Ultimately, your specific needs are going to determine which system is best for you.

No matter what type of air conditioning system you choose for your Gig Harbor, WA home, the experts at Sound Heating are here to help!

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