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Does Your Tankless Water Heater Need Service?

Tankless water heaters are an excellent choice for many homes throughout the country. When you are away from your home, these systems make a lot more sense than a traditional storage tank water heater. This is particularly true if we’re talking about a vacation home.

Tankless water heaters warm your water instantly, without you having to worry about running out of hot water. They also save a good deal of energy, which means you save on your monthly bills. Like any other home appliance or device, however, tankless water heaters are not immune to problems. While it takes an expert to repair these issues, we’ve shared some signs below that indicate you should call for professional tankless water heater services.

No Hot Water

This is the most straightforward sign you’d get from your tankless water heater if something has gone wrong. If your hot water either isn’t hot enough or isn’t coming out at all, then there’s typically an issue with the heating array. Another cause could be fuel problems such as a clogged line or loose wire. Whatever the reason, it needs to be repaired quickly.


Unfortunately if you have a leak, other components inside your tankless system can become damaged. Fortunately, however, these issues are usually easy for a trained technician to repair—it’s just important to be aware that you have a leak problem. Keep an eye out for puddles around the base of your tankless system, as well as a drop in water pressure.

Unusual Noises

Odd noises are always going to be a sign that something is amiss with your tankless water heater. Whether you hear gurgling or bubbling noises, or even groans or hissing noises, your tankless water heater is not functioning as it should and needs repairs as a result.

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