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Should You Have an Energy Recovery Ventilator Installed?

Do you want to be comfortable in your own home? Of course you do, and you deserve to be! With that in mind, there are many different factors that can influence how well you’re able to achieve this comfort. Today’s modern homes are constructed in such a way that your HVAC systems can work as efficiently as possible.

However, this doesn’t necessarily allow for proper ventilation, which has become a big concern for many homeowners throughout the country. Fortunately, there is one system that can resolve this: the energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

What Is an ERV?

An ERV is a mechanical ventilation device that is designed to recoup energy that would otherwise be wasted in ventilating your home. As we mentioned, modern construction allows for better HVAC efficiency. Homes are designed to be more “airtight.” However, this can be detrimental to the quality of the air in your home.

Airtight construction reduces the risk of energy loss via air leaks in the house, but it can make it impossible to ventilate the house properly. By equipping your modern, tightly constructed home with an ERV, you’ll be able to adequately ventilate the house without wasting any energy in the process.

Improve Efficiency

An ERV balances air quality with efficiency. The way this works is that when dry, cool air is vented out of your home in the summer, the hot and more humid air being brought in is pre-cooled by the outgoing stale air. In the wintertime, warm but stale air is vented outside and heats up incoming fresh, but cold, air in the process.

This also balances your home’s humidity, and your comfort systems don’t have to work as hard to do their job. As a result, you’ll have high-quality air, lower energy costs, less energy waste, and better HVAC performance.

At Sound Heating, we take your comfort as serious as you do! Contact us today for your Gig Harbor, WA energy recovery ventilator installation. 

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