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What Repairs Does a Tankless Water Heater Need?

Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity. More and more homeowners are investing in tankless units so that they can have a nearly unlimited supply of hot water available at any time. But, tankless water heaters require repairs and maintenance just like their tank alternatives do.

Some of the repair needs are the same or similar, while other repairs are unique to tankless versions. If you have a tankless system and think that you need water heater repair in Auburn, WA, our team can help. In the meantime, you can read more about common repairs that we see, so that you can identify them early and stay ahead of problems. 

Repairs for Mineral Buildup

If your home has hard water, that means that your water source has high mineral content. You may not be able to taste or see these minerals, but they can have an impact on your home’s water appliances like your tankless water heater.

Over time, these tiny particles can build up and become a sediment layer that settles inside of your tankless system or blocks the water pipes. Since your tankless water heater is much smaller, it can have a noticeable impact sooner than it would if you had a tank water heater.

If you don’t get your water heater flushed, mineral buildup can cause wear inside of the tankless water heater so that it does not work as efficiently. Buildup can also cause blockages and even impact how hot your water actually gets.

It’s important to keep in mind that some manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover damage that is caused by hard water. It is part of your responsibility as a homeowner to get the system flushed on a regular basis to remove mineral buildup. If you don’t, when a problem arises, you may be left covering the repair costs yourself instead of using your warranty. 

Filter Blockages

Your tankless water heater has at least one filter. These filters help to remove some of the larger mineral particles that are found in hard water. It’s easy for these filters to get clogged up and block water flow into your tankless system.

If you don’t remove these filters and clean them, you may be left making repairs on your tankless system instead. If water flow is blocked coming into the system, your tankless water heater may begin to try and work harder to bring in water, adding to the wear and tear on components. 


It is possible for your tankless water heater to leak. Since it is a water appliance, you may think that a leak here and there is normal. But it isn’t. Your tankless water heater should be completely airtight without any water leaks. If you do have a leak, that’s a sign that one of your valves is not tight enough, or that rust is causing corrosion somewhere in the system that allowed a hole to develop. 

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