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Heating FAQ: How Efficient is a Hydronic System?

Here at Sound Heating, we often get asked about hydronic heating systems in Tacoma, WA. For people that have forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps, the idea of hydronic heating is very interesting. There are definitely distinct advantages that hydronic heating systems, like boilers, enjoy over furnaces and heat pumps. But how efficient are boilers really? At Sound Heating, we offer comprehensive heating services, including heating repair in Tacoma, WA and heating installation. We wanted to help shed some like on hydronic heating and help out our customers in the area.

What Is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is the use of hot water to heat your home. Common hydronic heating systems including hot water radiators, under-floor heating and wall heating systems. The systems usually include a large boiler where the water is heated (not boiled) and a pump that pushes the water through the pipes to the rest of the house.

Difference Between Forced-Air Heating and Hydronic Heating

Forced air systems use convection to heat your home: your furnace draws in air, heats it up and then circulates it through your home. Hydronic heating systems use heat radiation to heat your home. Heat radiates out from the radiators in your rooms or from the pipes in the floor. Thus, hydronic heating systems actually heat the objects in the room instead of heating the air.

 How Efficient is a Hydronic Heating System?

Hydronic heating systems do offer homeowners some energy advantages over forced-air systems. One of the main advantages is that radiant heat is easier to retain in a space than convective heat. This allows hydronic heating systems to use less energy to keep your home warm. Also, many hydronic heating systems feature zone control. This allows you to only heat the rooms in your home that you’re using instead of wasting energy heating other, unoccupied rooms.

If you have any questions about hydronic heating installation in Tacoma, WA call Sound Heating. We have years of experience installing all kinds of heating systems—including forced-air and hydronic systems. Contact Sound Heating today!

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